Bernardston Cemetery Corporation



The Bernardston Cemetery Corporation is a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Trustees volunteering their time to provide a respectful setting for the eternal rest of our community’s loved ones.  The Corporation manages the center cemetery on Depot Street and the old cemetery off of Burke Flat.  The Corporation relies on outside funding to maintain cemetery grounds and therefore welcomes tax deductible donations that may be sent to P.O. Box 45 in Bernardston, MA 01337.


Bernardston Cemetery Corporation


Board Members

Paul Palazzo, President
Will Pratt, Vice President
Sherry Deane, Secretary / Treasurer


Robert Carey 

Robert Deane 

Eva Lee Stratford
Douglass Weiss


Contact Information:

 Sherry Deane              717-991-5195
Please contact Sherry for general information and purchases.

 Paul Palazzo               413-648-5482 

Correspondence and Donations
may be mailed to:

Bernardston Cemetery Corporation 

P.O. Box 45 

Bernardston, MA  01337


Click here: For the Bylaws Including very useful Plot Care and Ownership Information