The H.E.A.R.T. Committee
Honest Education and Retaining Trust Committee

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The Current Committee Members are:

Michele Giarusso, Chair HEART Committee



Robert Keir, Concerned Citizen
Jack Killeen, Concerned Citizen
Joseph Arsenault, Parent and Concerned Citizen


Tony Matteo, Finance Committee
Tracy Rogers, Selectboard
Cheryl George, Parent and Concerned Citizen


Ginger Robinson, Finance Committee
Michele Giarusso, Finance Committee
Richard Fontaine, Concerned Citizen


Dawn Magi, Selectboard
Sue O’Reilly McRae, School Committee Member
Alan Genovese, Former Superintendent MTRSD

PVRSD School Committee

Sharon Fontaine
Bill Wahlstrom

PVRSD Administration

Ruth Miller, Superintendent

PVRSD Teacher Representatives

Shannon Miner
Jen Comiskey
Claire Brennan
Shannon Miner
Lisa Armstrong
Lynn Hansel
Jen Glazier

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2017 07 19
2017 06 14
2017 05 10
2017 04 26
2017 04 12
2017 03 29

Click Below for the Meeting Minutes as dated:

2017 06 14
2017 05 10
2017 04 26
2017 04 12
2017 03 29