PVRSD Families,

We are happy to share with all of you that we have partnered with Franklin County Technical School and Kuzmeskus Bus Company to serve meals at designated drop zones in our towns. This past week we have had our amazing Food Service Team at all of our schools take on the selfless act of making sure all children within PVRSD had the ability to receive a breakfast and lunch.

Through the kindness, hard work, and understanding of Superintendent Rick Martin and Food Service Director Liz Bouchard of Franklin County Technical School, we have been able to set up a partnership with FCTS to produce meals for delivery to designated drop zones. These meals will be healthy, delicious, and available during this time of school closure.

The plan for the meal delivery system is as follows;

These meals will take the format of grab and go options for students to take home with them.

The following guidelines have been issued by the Department of Education in collaboration with USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), which provide details for approved meals during school closures to be eligible for USDA reimbursement:

Franklin County Tech is allowed provisions to feed any enrolled students at FCTS and children from their sending towns, regardless if they qualify for free and reduced lunch.

  • FCTS will not deny any person under age 18 a meal.
  • Meals are not allowed to be sold to adults.
  • At each drop off zone, students will receive a complete lunch for that day and a breakfast for the following morning. FCTS will make one drop-off per day which includes both lunch and breakfast.
  • FCTS and PVRSD will work in collaboration with Kuzmeskus Bus Company and FCTS/PVRSD Administration to drop-off food to various designated areas throughout Franklin County.
  • FCTS cafeteria staff will prepare food each day. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), ServSafe protocols, and OSHA guidelines will be implemented during food preparation and delivery of all meals. Meals will meet all temperature guidelines.
  • Please look for Kuzmeskus mini buses both yellow and brown. These may be small yellow school buses or modern dark brown small coach buses.

The following will be designated drop-off points with approximate times. Buses arrive at FCTS at 10:15 AM to load food. All scheduled times are approximate, so please plan to be there 15 minutes early and/or stay 15 later in the event the bus is running late. Please check the FCTS website with drop-off updates: https://fcts.us/n/67/FCTS-to-Provide-Meals-for-All-Students-Who-Attend-FCTS

Bus 5: Kuzmeskus Bus Co.

Pick up at Franklin County Tech: (10:35 AM)

Meals drop off at Bernardston Elementary School: (11:05 AM)

Meals drop off at Four Leaf Clover Bernardston: (11:20 AM)

Meals drop off at Dollar General Bernardston: (11:35 AM)