The Bernardston Agricultural Commission

Our roots are in agriculture!

The mission of the Bernardston Agricultural Commission (AgCom) is to protect agricultural lands, preserve rural character, provide a voice for farmers, and encourage agricultural based businesses. The AgCom is a standing committee of town government, created through a vote of Town Meeting and appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


  *Photos courtesy of Annette Mackin and Paul Bocko

Current Activities

  • Advocating for farmers, farm businesses and farm interests.
  • Providing visibility for farming.
  • Coordinating the weekly Bernardston Farmers Market June to October.
  • Collaborating with other town boards about issues facing the town that affect agriculture.
  • Helping resolve farm related problems or conflicts.
  • Protecting farmland and natural resources.

Bernardston AgCom Members:
Wendy Abramson, Chair
Paul Bocko
Clarissa Coffin
David Duprey
Rena Grover
Gloria Meluleni
Will Pratt