Recycling and Composting at the Bernardston Transfer Station

FREE Food and Paper Waste Composting at the Bernardston Transfer Station
The Franklin County Solid Waste District and the Town of Bernardston want to remind you about the food and paper waste compost program at Bernardston Transfer Station. Residents can save money by placing compostable items into the free compost dumpster instead of into their Pay-As-You-Throw town trash bags. Click or tap here for more info!

dirty dozen and why

Contamination Co$t$!!!
Did you know that a contaminated load of recyclables can cost the Town as much as $2,200? PLEASE help your Town keep their disposal costs as low as possible. Click or tap the image above and learn not just what is NOT recyclable...but WHY!

As a resident of Bernardston you have access to at least six Household Hazardous Waste collection events each year

· Pre-registration is required

· To see the complete list of collection event dates, times and locations, go to

Please scroll down for more info on recycling in Bernardston.

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To learn more about what is and is not recyclable in Bernardston, please visit:
Please, no plastic bags in recycling!
"Earth Machine" compost bins ($45) and Sure Close compost pails ($5) are available from Franklin County Solid Waste District, please visit:
Springfield MRF Advisory Board's 2018 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim! Guide, 
Franklin and Hampshire Edition: