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The members of Bernardston Fire Department are dedicated individuals who live and/or work in town and who have made a special commitment to our community's safety and well being. In addition to responding to fires, medical calls, and vehicle accidents, it's not unusual to see firefighters lending a hand at community celebrations and special events.

The department is governed by a 12-member Board of Engineers, who function much like a board of directors. They elect officers and help to administer the department according to its bylaws. During an emergency, Engineers may be assigned to leadership roles by the Officer-In-Charge.

New members are screened by the department's membership committee, submit to background checks, and serve a six-month probationary period before becoming full members. Members are certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and are trained as medical First Responders. Weekly training sessions help ensure that learning and preparation are onging and that equipment is ready when the pagers sound and it's time to respond.

Board of Engineers 2016-2017

Peter A. Shedd, Chief

Lloyd Grover, Assistant Chief

Tim Snow, First Captain

Dennis Shockro, Second Captain

Lance Barton, First Lieutenant

Devin Depault, Second Lieutenant

Brad Bordewieck

Byron Call, EMT-Basic

Doug Depault

Paul Grover

Robert Herrick

Jared Smith


Ryan Brazeau, EMT-Basic

Alexis Huston

John Lake

Ryan Lambert

Jacob Louison

Mitch May

Steven Rice

Eric Seaman

Roxene Shedd

Stephanie Townsley

Rick Wahlstrom

Lifetime Members:

Lionel Gagnon

Jack Patch

Associate Members:

Tobe Ball

Bill Montiglio

In Memorium

Dan Gleason

Dwayne Nelson