Welcome to the Bernardston Police Department's website. This is one way we reach out to the community to let them know who we are and what we do.  We also have a Facebook page. Please like and follow us there for more immediate information.

The officers of the Bernardston Police Department are committed to providing professional policing in partnership with our community to earn the respect of all individuals.  The officers are well-trained, knowledgeable and fulfill their duties and responsibilities with fairness and equality.

We strive to safeguard freedom by preserving life, protecting the constitutional rights of individuals, and encouraging respect for the rule of law by the proper enforcement thereof.

The philosophy of Community Policing is defined as the proactive development of partnerships between the police and citizens that leads to effective policing services to all neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and individual citizens in the community.

It is my belief, by incorporating a Community Policing approach, it helps us to identify, address and resolve the root causes of neighborhood problems and concerns.

My normal working shifts are Monday through Thursday. Please feel free to stop by or email me if you have any questions.

Chief James E. Palmeri

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